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Childrens Handling Belts

A handling belt can help you and your child perform safer and more comfortable transfers if your child has low mobility. A moving and handling belt helps by giving you a secure grip while you lift your child, reducing the risk of injury for both of you. Handling belts have easy to access handles, so they reduce the need to lift your child by their limbs or hold them in an uncomfortable position. We offer comfortable and padded patient handling belts for both adults and children, so you can keep your child safe even if they outgrow their belt. See more childrens aids here.
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NRS Healthcare  Handling Belt
  • Blue

NRS Healthcare Handling Belt

NRS Handling Belts are available in a range of four different sizes with this medium sized belt being suitable for users with a waist size between 79cms - 112cms (31" - 44"). The NRS Handling Belts...
From £41.65
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Childs Handling Belt

Childs Handling Belt

This Childs Handling Belt has been specifically designed for use by children and provides a snug fit, intended to give the child a feeling of safety and security. The belt's brightly coloured pattern...
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Deluxe Comfylift Handling Belt
  • Blue

Deluxe Comfylift Handling Belt

The Deluxe Comfylift Handling Belts are available in three different sizes, this, the middle of the three sizes will fit waist sizes from 71cms - 115cms (28" - 45.5"). The two other sizes are also...
From £83.32
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