getting into the flow : How do you Get Yours?

getting into the flow : How do you Get Yours?


I was going through a creativity drought… I had just completed the design and construction of my parents’ house, I was learning about building websites, and teaching interior architecture.. I loved those things, but I had not looked at a blank canvas or picked up a paintbrush for far too long. I needed to create, but I felt stuck. So, I started to make small, un-scary collages. I loved the freedom of it. Each evening, I made one, and I developed some of those quick collages into paintings. That’s how I got back into the flow.

How do you get into the flow?
I would love to hear how you break through a creativity block – you can comment below, or connect with me here!


getting into the flow_collages collages

getting into the flow_collages_DenimWashdenim wash

getting into the flow_collages_BlueWaveblue wave

getting into the flow_collages_Circlescircles

getting into the flow_collages_Diamondsdiamonds

getting into the flow_collages_SecretGardensecret garden

getting into the flow_collages_Zebrazebra

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