inspirations : dreamscape

inspirations : dreamscape


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Dream: “an aspiration, an ideal”
Scape: “a specified type of scene”
Escape: “a form of temporary distraction from reality or routine”



“Everything starts as somebody’s daydream” – Larry Niven
To Dream is.. To imagine… To allow your mind to wander… To see in your mind’s eye…

The link between enhanced creativity and daydreaming has been expressed by many great people throughout history – from Einstein to Mozart to Dali – having experienced “bursts” of creative insights while allowing their minds to wander. It has also been proven by researchers, using brain scan technology, and the ‘dream state’ has since been coined the “default network”, as it is our most natural thought process.
A dream state mimics creative thinking in that it allows you to brainstorm alternatives to a problem, risk-free.  It’s the process where your knowledge and experiences combine in a delicious potion of inspiration.
Art, literature, music, powernaps, meditation… all help us to access that state of mind-wandering.


To escape to another world, a fantasy landscape, whose layers we are free to design in any way we choose. An experience we create, that can take us out of our world, without drugs, alcohol or expensive tickets and long queues. It’s literally a free ride.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

dreamscape_sun rains
sun rains
dreamscape_sea trees
sea trees


dreamscape_sun life
sun life


dreamscape_magenta daybreak
magenta daybreak


dreamscape_psychedelic fields
psychedelic fields


dreamscape_luscious lull
luscious lull

Here’s to a beautiful Life.

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