inspirations : portals; Teleport Yourself

inspirations : portals; Teleport Yourself


ever wanted to teleport yourself to another world, even for a minute?

Portals are pieces of architecture, defining openings… windows of opportunity, doorways leading you from one world to another, and one experience to the next…

Throughout my travels, I have come across and photographed numerous openings that piqued my curiousity and inspired me; from North America to the Middle East, with a few stops in between… today, I invite you to join me on this journey of inspirations…

Enjoy the trip!


inspirations_bahrain 2008 al-muharaq, bahrain, 2008

inspirations_coventry 2008 coventry, uk, 2008

inspirations_london 2008 london, uk, 2008

inspirations_sardinia 2008 sardinia, italy, 2008

inspirations_nyc 2009 new york city, usa, 2009

inspirations_hamilton 2009 hamilton, canada, 2009

inspirations_reigate 2010 reigate, uk, 2009

inspirations_kerak 2010 kerak, jordan, 2010

inspirations_alzarqaa 2010 al zarqaa’, jordan 2010

inspirations_copenhagen 2010copenhagen, denmark, 2010

inspirations_toronto 2010
toronto, canada, 2010

inspirations_toronto 2012 toronto, canada, 2012

inspirations_dahab 2012 dahab, egypt, 2012

inspirations_amman 2013 amman, jordan, 2013

inspirations_dubai 2014 dubai, uae, 2014

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