lifestyle: the power of beauty to inspire Love

lifestyle: the power of beauty to inspire Love


What ‘Beauty’ means to me:
Beauty is beyond skin deep.  Beauty is sensual and raw. Beauty is unique and timeless. And beauty is always crafted with care and passion.

As an interior architect and artist, I have often reflected on the value of “beauty” – and have been exposed to various opinions surrounding the “necessity” of art and beauty.  Being currently based in Amman, on geographical boundaries with all of the middle eastern chaos and conflict, tragedy, and disastrous loss of human Life going on around me, I couldn’t help but start to question the real value of what I do –  to question the value of beauty, in the face of war.

I have seen and directly experienced the therapeutic effect of creating – for me, through art – in a dark time of intense personal crisis, I turned to painting and it significantly helped me to heal… I have also seen that art pieces I have created in “truth” (not necessarily in crisis!), tend to be the ones most people respond to – in many cases, it doesn’t matter how close or far away the person is from the subject matter, there is an intuitive response to the energy an art piece carries.
But, the darkness of this period of my life pales in comparison to the traumas people in these warzones are experiencing – after all, I was not fighting for my survival on the most basic level we have come to take for granted.

As though in answer to my internal dilemma, I came across a couple of articles documenting the creation of art in the midst of war and chaos:

beauty - freedom graffiti
<freedom graffiti by tammam azzam>  Artist Tammam Azzam superimposes Gustav Klimt’s infamous “The Kiss” over a war-torn building in Syria
beauty - syrian mural
<image by guiness world records> Six Syrian artists, led by artist Moaffak Makhoul create the world’s largest mural, measuring 720m.sq, using recycled material, in Damascus, Syria


These are works of beauty: they are true expressions of their context, and of their creators – because of that, they touch us on a deep level, regardless of where we are on the globe, and what our politics are. Beauty, art – transcends these boundaries. They are not contrived nor are they trying to “be something” they are not, and they are certainly crafted with care and passion.

So, the value of Beauty is now unquestionable – and non-negotiable – in my mind, and in my life.
In more “normal” environments, where survival is not an issue, countless studies have been undertaken to prove the relationship between productivity and well-designed work environments, between healing and the visual quality of a healing space, between enjoying food and the lighting of a dining space.

The conclusion? A space directly effects the people in it.
When your space has depth and is well taken care of, you feel fulfilled, confident and relaxed. You can connect with deeper parts of your being and with those around you.  Though you may not have the budget, or the interest to hire a designer – there are a few things you can do to exponentially increase the quality of the spaces you live in – in as much, or as little time as you have… is there a lightbulb you can change to make your space warmer? A piece of artwork to add depth? If you missed my post on ‘Design for Your Six Senses’, you can get more detailed tips here.
So go, take care of your spaces – they are your World.

Here’s to a beautiful Life.

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