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Play and Development

Our play and development range has items that help young ones learn as they play, with toys and tools to help keep them entertained as well as educate them as they go. Find products for enjoying arts and crafts in a safe manner, such as tabletop safety scissors and magic whiteboards, or activity sets that help with physical, sensory, cognitive, and transitional development functions. Our range of play and development items are here to help your children work, learn and play. As part of our children's aids range, we have a selection of items to entice and amaze inquisitive young minds while encouraging development in a fun and safe way.
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Mounted Table Top Scissors Size 45mm round ended

Mounted Table Top Scissors Size 45mm round ended

The Mounted Table Top Scissors have been specially designed for use by people with very limited hand strength or those with the use of only one hand. Mounted on a sturdy plastic base, the scissors...
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Undo Me Mini Cube

Undo Me Mini Cube

The Undo Me Mini Cube works both as an assessment tool for therapists and a toy that staves off boredom whilst also helping the user to develop greater dexterity. As an assessment tool, it can help...
Childrens Push Down Table Top Scissors

Childrens Push Down Table Top Scissors

This pair of Childrens Push Down Table Top Scissors have been designed to be used with one part of the handle lying flat against a table or some similarly flat work surface. This leaves the whole...
Dual Control Training Scissors
  • Blue

Dual Control Training Scissors

This left handed pair of Dual Control Training Scissors have been specially designed to assist children with poor visuomotor coordination or young children learning to cut with scissors. To use, the...
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