As a Jordanian-Canadian with Palestinian roots, I find it difficult to answer questions of belonging to a place. I associate a unique emotion with each of those places, and they have imprinted in my life in their own way, along with other places I have lived.

This series of paintings is a development of the series of prints, which was inspired by tribal Palestinian jewellery. It is a peaceful homage to the beauty and richness of the culture and its’ people, which is all too often associated only with struggle and conflict.
Amulets and talismans were popular in the world of traditional Arabic jewellery; thought to give protection over evil, danger, and disease, these ornaments frequently feature names of prophets and angels, words from prayers, or numbers referencing holy verses in the Bible and Quran.
Bedouin Jordanian weavings have also been referenced, as a metaphorical concept, alluding to the interweaving of the Jordanian and Palestinian cultures.

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