sneak peek : Downtown Amman

sneak peek : Downtown Amman

(Beyond Boundaries)

This month has been a busy one – filled with travel, friends, art, and enjoying the summer.
As the summer winds down, I am wrapping up the first series in ‘Beyond Boundaries’ – an ode to Downtown Amman.
Today, I’m excited to share some sneak-peeks of this month’s work with you… The final composition is on the easel now (!), so I’ll be updating the exclusive art collection very soon! Make sure you sign up here for your access and to be notified when I’ve updated it!

Downtown Amman – a saturation of colour, texture, and noise… diverse scents and flavours… all intermingle with a rich history of architecture and people. It’s almost an assault to the senses, but it is beautiful, somehow. In it’s rawness and authenticity, in the bright and delicious fruit stalls, the smells of aromatic spices mixing with roasted nuts, and shiny trinkets and “tribal-esque” jewellery in tiny shops. It is, for the artist in me, a feast of inspiration.

Here’s to a beautiful Life.

downtown AMMAN_01

downtown AMMAN_02

downtown AMMAN_03

downtown AMMAN_04

downtown AMMAN_05

downtown AMMAN_06

downtown AMMAN_07

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