stories : Read about The Table

stories : Read about The Table


everyone – and, everything has a story.

Stories have a universal appeal, they are an important part of Life in cultures all over the world. In learning someone’s story, you are able to connect with them on a deeper level – no matter how similar or dissimilar their story is from yours – the story unlocks our natural bonding ability; our humanity. I find myself particularly inspired by “old”, or “worn” objects – they are after all, an extension of someone’s story. Recycling and reuse gives us the opportunity to give an object a second Life – and what better way to do that than through art? Like many of you I’m sure – I find myself needing to detox my space every now and again, and to get rid of stuff that is either broken, outdated, or no longer serves me… I started, creating small collages with these “dead” objects, for fun, and I enjoyed the results… so, it has now become a part of the vocabulary of my artwork. These objects also give a three-dimensional feel to my pieces. In turn, this creates more depth in your spaces – and may make for the occasional light-hearted dinner party conversation – we love those 🙂

So here are a couple of pieces and their stories… And, each limited edition print comes with a card that tells you it’s unique story.

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Here’s to a Beautiful Life.



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